Journée thématique  SFT & GdR NAME - Jeudi 9 septembre  2022


Espace Hamelin, 17 rue Hamelin, Paris 16


Groupe «Micro et Nanothermique»


Beyond Fourier



Francesco Banfi (iLM) francesco.banfi@univ-lyon1.fr

Paolo Maioli (iLM) paolo.maioli@univ-lyon1.fr

Konstantinos Termentzidis (CETHIL) konstantinos.termentzidis@insa-lyon.fr




Understanding heat transfer at the nanoscale remains one of the greatest intellectual challenges in the field of thermal dynamics, by far the most relevant under an applicative standpoint. When thermal dynamics is confined to short time and length scales and/or at low temperatures, non-diffusive heat transport regimes set in, ranging from ballistic to hydrodynamic. Depending on the system, different heat carriers may be involved such as electrons, phonons and spins just to mention few of them. Within these regimes, the validity of Fourier’s law, the milestone constitutive relation describing diffusive heat transport, fails, thus calling for novel heat transfer characterization techniques and interpretative schemes. Under an applicative standpoint, managing non-Fourier heat transport is a key-factor for micro- and nano-devices operations and their further downscaling.


This thematic day focuses on recent developments in the general topic of non-Fourier heat transfer at the nanoscale. The scope is to bring together different views on this emerging topic, merging experimental investigations and theoretical studies. This meeting is an opportunity for the community to share ideas and foster new collaborations.

We wish you pleasant scientific discussions in a relaxed and friendly environment.




Programme et liste des résumés, Organisateurs


- Why is heat transport modelling required for nanometrology ? 

Séverine Gomes, CETHIL - INSA Lyon  


- A Beyond Fourier semi-analytical thermal model based on two-flux approach

Jérôme Saint-Martin, C2N - Université Paris Saclay


- Atomistic simulation of heat transport across nanometer gaps

Yangyu Guo, iLM - Université Lyon 1

3-GUO_2022-09-09-Atomistic simulation of phonon heat transport across nanogaps.pdf

- Radiative heat transfer between nanostructured objects

    Invited: Mauro Antezza, Université de Montpellier

- Hydrodynamic experimental observations in bulk semiconductors

  Alvarez F. Xavier, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

- Temperature waves in layered correlated materials and temperonic crystals

  Marco Gandolfi, Università degli Studi di Brescia


- Engineering thermal transport in nanowires

Invited: Ilario Zardo, University of Basel


- Cooling and Seebeck effects in double-barrier semiconductor heterostructures

Marc Bescond, IM2NP - Université Aix-Marseille


- Ab initio calculations of the thermoelectric phonon drag effect in semiconductor nanostructures

Raja Sen, LSI - École Polytechnique Palaiseau

- Parabolic-like heat radial distribution in core-shell nanowires

Paul Desmarchelier, CETHIL - INSA Lyon

- A novel structure of cooling nano-devices: the quantum cascade cooler

Guéric Etesse, IM2NP - Université Aix-Marseille


- Conclusions de la journée



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