24-27/05/15 : HEFC, Dublin (Rep. Ireland)

Du 07/06/2015 Au 12/06/2015

Heat Exchanger Fouling and Cleaning

Dublin (Republic of Ireland)

7-12 juin 2015


Scope of the Conference

The key themes of the 2015 Heat Exchanger Fouling and Cleaning Conference are:

  • Crude oil and hydrocarbon fluid fouling
  • Fouling in cooling water and thermal desalination units
  • Fouling in power plants
  • Fouling in the dairy and food industries
  • Fouling in the automotive industry
  • Surface and chemical treatment
  • Modeling and CFD studies of fouling processes
  • Anti-fouling design of heat exchangers
  • Mechanisms of heat transfer fouling (crystallisation, particulate, reaction, corrosion, solidification and biofouling)
  • Micro and compact heat exchanger fouling
  • Fouling mitigation
  • Cleaning of heat exchangers
  • Monitoring of heat exchanger fouling

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