29/09-01/10/2011 : 9th IRR - Sofia (Bulgarie)

Du 29/09/2010 Au 01/10/2010

9th Conference on Phase-Change Materials and Slurries for
Refrigeration and Air
Sofia : September 29 to October 1st, 2010

The thematic scope of this conference encompasses the following key topics:

  • Thermophysical and rheological properties of Phase-Change Materials (PCMs) and Slurries
  • Transport phenomena and time-dependent behaviour of PCMs and Slurries – heat, mass and momentum transfer
  • Novel and optimised PCMs and Slurries for refrigeration and air conditioning applications
  • Innovative and improved equipment and logistics for generation, handling, distribution and employment of PCMs and Slurries
  • Renewable heating and cooling by using PCMs and Slurries
  • Thermal energy storage and energy savings via PCMs and Slurries
  • Industrial and building applications of PCMs and Slurries:
  • Air conditioning and cold supply for residential, office and industrial buildings
  • Fast chilling and freezing of foods in Phase-Change Slurries
  • Application of PCMs and Slurries throughout the cold chain for foods and beverages (i.e. during refrigerated processing, warehousing, transport, retail and household handling of chilled and frozen commodities)
  • Monitoring, automation and control of refrigeration systems for production and use of PCMs and Slurries
  • Sustainability impact of refrigeration and air conditioning technologies involving PCMs and Slurries (environmental, energy, socio-economic and life cycle assessments)

The organisers are, therefore, pleased to call research contributions on any of the aforementioned topics or on other relevant areas, which are in line with the conference concept.

For full details regarding the programme, consult http://www.iceslurry.org
If you have pre-registered, please handle your registration now (http://www.iceslurry.org/reg/index.php) . If
you have not pre-registered, please register by September 17, 2010 and make sure you book your
accommodation: office@iceslurry.org

Contact:  Kostadin Fikiin for any additional information you may require: agf@tu-sofia.bg or

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