List of lectures

Invited Lecture (IL): Error analysis in nonlinear variational data assimilation problems, Dr. Igor Gejadze, Dept. of Civil Engineering, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK.

L1: Getting started with problematic inversions
L2: Basics for linear inversion, white box case
L3: Models and measurements for thermal systems, types of inverse problems
L4: Non linear parameter estimation problems: tools for enhancing metrological objectives
L5: Measurements with/without contact in heat transfer: principles, implementation and pitfalls
L6: Time/space noise and « thermal processing » of temperature signal
L7: Optimization techniques for non linear estimation or function estimation
L8: Experimental modelling through identification of low order models
L9: Regularisation: principle and techniques
L10: Inverse heat conduction problems


Tutorials will be held in the ``Station Biologique de Roscoff'' between 17:00 and 20:00 from Tuesday to Friday. They will include an experimental and/or a numerical part. Attendees will be able to attend up to 5 tutorials out of the 12 proposed by the School.Choice will be made in accordance with their wishes and with the material constraints of the tutors and of the equipment. An abstract of each tutorial will be available soon

The list of tutorials can be downloaded here: list of tutorials and the abstracts here : list of abstracts

METTI 5: Advanced School on Thermal Measurements and Inverse Techniques, Roscoff, June 13-18, 2011 List of tutorials - May 10, 2011

T1 - 1h30 - Experimental identification of low order model (experimental) - Jean-Luc Battaglia (TREFLE, Bordeaux, France)

T2 - 1h30 - Zero order optimization algorithms (methodological/numerical) - Emmanuel Ruffio (Institut P', Poitiers, France)

T3 - 1h30 - Thermal characterization of materials through the hot wire/hot plate techniques (experimental) - Andrzej Kusiak (TREFLE, Bordeaux, France)

T4 - 1h30 - In situ realization/characterization of temperature/flux sensors (experimental) - François Lanzetta (FEMTO-ST, Belfort), Bertrand Garnier (LTN, Nantes, France)

T5-1h30: Characterization of transient distributed surface sources through infrared thermography (experimental/numerical) - Sébastien Vintrou (Ecole des Mines de Douai, Dpt. Energétique Industrielle, France), Najib Laraqi, Jean-Gabriel Bauzin, Abderrahmane Baïri (LTIE, Ville d’Avray, France)

T6 - 1h30 - Inverse problems in a microchannel (experimental)
Christophe Ravet, Christophe Pradere (TREFLE, Bordeaux, France)

T7 - 1h30 - Real data identification of an actual radiator-room system aimed to virtual sensor design - Stefano Malan, Cosimo Greco (Dip. di Automatica e Informatica, Politecnico di Torino, Italy)

T8 - 1h00 - Analysis of error factors for measurement data and inverse techniques, application to temperature measurements Damien David (CETHIL, Lyon, France)

T9 - 1h30 - Thermal characterization of an insulating material through a tri-layer transient method (experimental) - Vincent Felix, Yves Jannot (LEMTA, Nancy, France)

T10 - 1h30 – Kalman and particle filters (methodological/numerical) - Helcio Orlande (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

T11 - 1h30 - Inverse Heat Conduction Problem using thermocouples deconvolution and infrared measurements: application to heat fluxnestimation inside a Tokamak (méthodological/numerical) - Jean-Laurent Gardarein (IUSTI, Marseille, France)

T12 - 1h30 - Analysis of measurement errors and inversion (methodological/numerical) - Philippe Le Masson, Morgan Dal (LIMATB, Lorient, France)


Tentative program

Documents - Posters

Two course books will be distributed at the arrival of the participants. PhD students and young academics are invited to present their studies with a poster that will be hang in the coffee room in order to facilitate discussions.

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