19-21/01/11 : FDFC - Grenoble, France

Du 19/01/2011 Au 21/01/2011

Fundamentals and Development of Fuel Cells ; Conference 2010

Centre de congrès du WTC Grenoble

19-21 th January 2011 – Grenoble, France

Conference Chairmen : Daniel Hissel (UFC – FEMTO-ST, F)
                                        Yann Bultel (LEPMI – G INP, F)

The three-day technical conference will consist of invited lectures, contributed papers and posters.

The following topics will be addressed :

  • Fundamentals of fuel cells, with emphasis of physicochemical phenomena occurring in fuel cells
  • Developments of fuel cells components and systems
  • Applications of Fuel cells
  • Fuel cell market and Costs

From the various contributions presented, it is hoped to cover the various scientific disciplines involved in Fuel Cell development, regardless of their nature and working conditions. In addition aspects of industrial and economical relevancy of fuel cell technology are to be presented and discussed.

Conference topics are:

  • Electrode, MEA, GDL and bipolar plates development for PEMFC
  • Fuel cell catalysts and catalyst supports
  • Proton conducting membranes
  • Proton transfer and water transport in ionomer membranes
  • Fuel Cell Diagnosis, Fuel Cell Power Processing and Control
  • Large scale systems: automotive and stationary applications
  • Novel techniques for characterization of MEA operation/ageing
  • Advanced materials for high temperature fuel cells: SOEC, SOFC

Important dates and deadlines : 

  • July 2nd 2010 : Abstract submission
  • September 10th 2010 : Full paper submission
  • November 30th 2010 : Registration

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